Clash of the Titans 2014: An Independent Comparison of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics


As a first article in this blog: Here is a very interesting independent comparison of the 3 Biggest ERP systems.

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This is an interesting report that Panorama Consulting Solutions put together


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Clash of the Titans 2014: An Independent Comparison of SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics

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Be like a Superman on Visual Studio, Don’t touch the mouse

The love of Visual Studio always lead me to find out about any useful tips to increase my productivity. To be simply the Superman of VS in my team, I found that learning Visual Studio shortcuts is the most powerful thing that pushed my productivity towards the maximum.images

Microsoft never left us alone in the VS jungle, they provided us this really interesting book : Coding Faster: Getting More Productive with Microsoft Visual StudioAlthough this book covers VS2005, VS2008 and VS2010, most of the shortcuts are still apply on VS2012 and VS2013.

Nice coding ! =)

f.lux : Stay long hours on your Computer .. Sleep better

flux-shotStaying late on PC is one of the hardest challenges I’ve got in my professional life because of sleeping troubles that it causes. Until I found “f.lux”. I have been using this little app for a year now ! It is based on healthy sleeping research. It changes constantly the monitor temperature, and so, gives you a restful color set for your eyes and some considerable brain benefits.

Here is for the link for your eyes =)

You are a programmer ? then you should know the 97 things !

97-things-every-programmer-should-knowWhen I first started working as a programmer, I did like many other programmers, a lot of big mistakes, a lot of buggy, badly designed, unreadable code, let’s say all what you can imagine worse. But the important thing is that I always kept asking my self: Why my code is crappy like that?

I tried to ask some question on forums, but I could never get the right answer, maybe even my questions were crappy too.
I continued to find out about all that until I found the book: 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. (there is also an extended version of it)

This is shortly a 97 advice collected from leading practitioners.

So, If you want to avoid time waste, mind burnout and lots finger strokes on forums, Get some moves ahead and read this impressive book. Good luck =)